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Dharma Stuff Catalog

Books, Audio and Video
Books, CD, MP3 and DVD
Dharma related books, movies and teachings on CD and downloadable MP3 format.
Prayer Flags, Incense, Bardo Cloth, Katags, Message Scrolls Etc.
Dharma Items
Solar Prayer Wheels, Prayer Flags, Incense, Bardo Cloths, Katag, Message Scrolls & More!
Oracle Necklace
Dharma Jewelry
A fine selection of Amulets, Protection Pieces, Medicine Bracelets, & Buddhist Jewelry.
Dharma Mugs
Ritual Objects
Ritual Objects
Authentic ritual objects used in Tibetan Buddhist practices.
Singing Bowls
Singing Bowls
Make all sacred through the offering of sound.
US Jowo Rinpoche Statue Thangka
Treasure Vases
Treasure Vases & Stupas
Treasure Vases bring blessings into the home, office or business creating an environment for healing, success, or abundance. Stupas are a representation of the Buddha's mind of enlightenment and will bless any space.